Managing the SociuuHub for users

Mar/2024 5 lessions English

The SociuuHub is the ambassador’s personal content hub. Here, your colleagues can access the content you have made available for them – and they share it as often as they like and whenever they want!

As an admin, you can set up the SociuuHub to contain all the content you already shared as a post-campaign in Sociuu, but furthermore, you can set up the SociuuHub to also be filled with even more content, your colleagues can share that matches their personal and professional interest – and this content can even be added automatically via your sources.

You will learn:

    • How you set up the SociuuHub
    • How you manage the content for the SociuuHub (and avoid duplicated content)
    • How the SociuuHub works for the ambassadors


Let’s dive into how you can set up the SociuuHub and empower your colleagues to be self-driven ambassadors, sharing content and managing their sharing activity from the SociuuHub!

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